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Senior's Resource for P2P Lending & Borrowing on a Secure Online Marketplace.

The Online Marketplace for P2P Lending & Borrowing

I am the Prosper Group Leader for "A Senior's Resource Group" and I am pleased to introduce the first online marketplace for people-to-people lending for Seniors. Join the community that connects trusted borrowers with fair lenders

At Prosper, borrowing money from people is fast, safe, and easy - Borrow money from people just like you. You post a listing requesting a loan, and other people bid for the privilege of lending you money. Prosper's job is to make sure everything is safe, fair and easy.

Borrowers: Borrow money from people. Borrowers are Prosper members who want to borrow money directly from other people and get a better deal than the credit card or loan rates offered by banks. Rates are low because Prosper lenders are people—like you—who want a fair shake from honest borrowers without all the fees and hassles of doing business with big banks.http://www.prosper.com/public/welcome/fees.aspx

Lending Money: Lend money to other people and earn interest Lending money directly to people is a great way to earn a fair return. And when you make lots of small loans rather than one or two big ones, you spread your risk out and ensure a more reliable return. It's called diversification and the pros do it every day. Lend money to people. That's right—help out a fellow human being by making them a loan. We give you the borrower's credit grade, debt-to-income ratio, and group details, and you set the rate at which you're willing to lend. All loans have a 3-year duration.

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